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Hey all! My name is Melisa Konecky and I'm a third generation dairy farmer from small town Nebraska. My family owns a registered dairy herd, row crop, and hay operation. Because of my background growing up I found myself being more and more interested in agriculture; how it worked, why was it important, simple things like that. So I decided to attend the University of Nebraska- Lincoln where I am currently majoring in Animal Science and Ag Leadership. I also found myself becoming very involved with different Ag promotion positions; Nebraska Pork Mentor, Nebraska Dairy Princess, Nebraska Ag Youth Council, Husker Food Connection among many more. It was through all these things that I realized I had a passion for sharing agriculture's message with consumers! Just explaining to them that chocolate milk doesn't come from a brown cow or that your steak didn't come from the back of the grocery store is so rewarding. But I also love to keep learning about all the different aspects or things going on in Ag. It is an always changing industry and needs people to understand what's going on. 

So anyways my hope is that after you read this disaster I call a blog you learn something ag, about the everyday craziness that is my life, or maybe just had a laugh ( I am painfully sarcastic). But  if you have any questions, ideas, or just generally awesome ag information I would LOVE to hear it! Feel free to send me an email at missyk@huskers.unl.edu , Facebook of course, or twitter; m_konecky.

  So here's to Cows, Corn, and the Huskers!!!

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