Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello Blog World!

So since June is Dairy Month I decided what a great time to start talking about my favorite thing in the world: COWS! You ask some of my friends and some people I hardly know, and they’ll tell you I have an infatuation with cows. If I could I would bring them to live with me at my college house in Lincoln, but the neighbors don’t need another reason to think I’m ridiculously crazy. So because of this passion I love to tell people about cows, especially my cows! I want people, consumers specifically, to understand where their food is coming from and put a face to that product. So that brings us here, hopefully I can share some wisdom and perspective with somebody somewhere about the dairy industry and a few other things. Now to understand what those few other things are you should probably know a little bit more about me! My name is Melisa Konecky and I’m a third generation dairy farmer from Nebraska,

(yes there are dairy farms in Nebraska, surprise!) My family raises registered Guernsey dairy cows, corn, soybeans, and hay. From the time I was old enough to put on irrigation boots I was involved in our farm and Agriculture! I didn’t realize until high school that all that 5 year old farmer stuff was going to point me towards (hopefully) a career.

So here I am, going to be a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying Animal Science and Ag Leadership. Here at the university I’ve really taken advantage of some opportunities to really diversify myself in the Ag industry, I think that you should never stop giving yourself the opportunity to learn something new. It was because of this that I landed myself my dream internship, being a communication and marketing intern for the Nebraska Corn Board. What better way to learn more about Agriculture than through an industry that supplies most all of them in some way or another!

But something that I always overlook is how growing up on a farm in Nebraska has really shaped me as a person. My parents have worked hard their entire life and have tried to instill that in their children , as difficult as that was at times. It really made me appreciate everything that I have been given and had to work for in my life, I can easily say that growing up I don’t remember one minute that I was ever bored. I always found things, productive or not, to do. There were always people around, cousins, aunts, uncles, strangers that just showed up. This all lead me to realize the important things in my life; my family, faith, and farm.

If any one of those was taken away I know that the other’s would just not be the same, they have guided my decision in the short 20 years I’ve been on this earth!

So a couple other things that I may or may not mention in this blog, prepare yourself! I love music, if there is a music device somewhere around it will be on! However I do have quite a range of different kinds of music that I love; anything from Justin Bieber (love him! but not in a screaming 10 year old girl way) , George Straight, Florence and the Machine, Hot Chelle Rae, Linkin Park, Kenny Chesney, David Guetta, Josh Abbott band, Eli Young Band, etc etc ( I could literally go on all day!).
I recnetly attended the Brothers of the Sun Tour in KC where
we got to admire the great songs and good looks of
Jake Owen, Tim McGraw, and Kenny Chesney. WOOOHOO!

My Family!
 I also love to cook! I don’t do it much while at school but at home I am more than ready to try something new! And of course there’s my family, all 6 of us,

we learn what I like to call little ‘life discoveries’ all the time, for example just because the fence looks functional doesn’t mean the cows won’t be out in 2 hours (happens all too often at our house!) And there is always something ridiculously nuts going on at my house, some great new idea someone had. And lastly, if you didn’t know this was coming you seriously need to meet more Nebraska people, I love me some HUSKERS!!! Like any typical Nebraskan, my year is severely influenced by how the Huskers do(as fortunate or unfortunate as that is, depending on the year).

So here’s to family, faith, farming and the HUSKERS!


  1. It's about time you joined the club! Thanks for the shout-out, too! I look forward to reading more!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! I love learning about Ag in different parts of the country, so looking forward to your posts! -- Ryan