Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Addition

Myself and Baby Grant.. he's a cutie

So yesterday my family got a little bigger, pretty exciting stuff I know! I got a text yesterday morning at about 9:15 with a picture announcing the arrival of our new cousin,Grant. It was a bit of a surprise because Aunt Carol wasn't supposed to be induced until the night of the 13th. So of course I was so excited I left work early, skipped class and headed to the hospital to see the new little guy.  

I made a quick stop on the way there to pick up a few 'essential' things; a 6 pack of beer, a tub of cheese balls, skittles, Twizzlers, and of course diapers! Now most would be wondering why I picked up beer on the way to the hospital (beer and baby Tuesdays?!) so I'll tell you so you don't assume Carol is a drunk (just fyi, she's not!!). Carol and I had been talking about my 21st birthday from the time I turned 18, however she found out she was pregnant right before my 21st so she wasn't able to attend that disastrous outing. I had joked I would bring her beer to the hospital, and boy was she surprised when I did. So it was a pretty exciting day in that we also had our first beers together, chicken only drank 1/4 of hers: wasn't like she just had a baby 8 hours ago... ohhh wait :).


Big brother Alex and Carol are in the midst of negotiating
at what age Alex can start wrestling his new brother! 
Needless to say it was a pretty awesome day, I got to see her other two boys reaction to seeing their brother for the first time. That happy brotherly bonding moment was over quickly when they realized I brought candy, cheese balls, and that there was free pop down the hall! But the whole thing had me thinking a lot about family and how important it is. Not that this is something new to me but it's something I know I take for granted. Carol and I didn't always have a great relationship growing up; she scared the crap out of me! But that didn't mean she wasn't always there to support me, encourage me to do what I loved, or just share stories. I know that if I asked her she would drop everything to help me out if I needed it, so not a second thought crossed my mind when I decided to leave work early and skip class. Family is something to be celebrated everyday because as we know they won't always be there. I want to be to these boys what Carol was to me (minus all the scariness haha), someone to talk to when Mom and Dad just aren't cool enough. [Mom and Dad you're still cool, don't worry!] Someone to teach them about all the cool things in life; like how to show a dairy calf or where uncle TK keeps his pop and candy stash! How to have a proper rotten tomato fight... the best places to hide when mom and dad come to look for you... the many ways you can annoy your parents... and of course all the tricks to growing up on a farm.

So hopefully this little guy is ready to grow up in the Konecky clan because it's going to be quite the adventure but I know we're all a little excited to see what this little guy is going to do with his life; so much potential, so many places, all with the support of his family! 


  1. Awh Missy! This blog made me tear up, i'm so lucky to have the family I do and so greatful to bring my kids into this family where I know they will be loved (loved = scare the crap out of them)! Soon I will have a full beer or more with u! Love u, carol

  2. Amen Mel....and Carol.

    Fear is healthy.

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  4. I used to scare kids alot more easily when I was younger. Now it is just alot more fun to spoil them.

    Welcome to the family, Grant... it's going to be a little crazy!